Sue Dunham Shane

Bare Facts: Born in ME, grew up in MA, college in PA, 2 years work in Boston,
work in New York 29 years, move back to ME 2003, hook up with TBT in 2009 –
when they made Comins Hall their new home, invited to be a member around
2012, served as Secretary 2 years, designed lights for Ten Bucks, Bangor
Community Theatre, Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Maine, and the Grand
And never worked outside my chosen field – how lucky have I been!
Skill Set: Lighting design, set and props design, production coordination,
purchasing, hanging, focusing, board operating, wiring, carpentry, painting,
rigging, prop construction, truck driving, list making, hoarding furniture and fabric
and lighting equipment and hand props, sewing, acting and laughing (not often
enough sometimes).
Who I am: A person who has loved all aspects of production for all of my life and
learning how things work. There is not one part of the magic of events that I do
not love (except perhaps for trash disposal). Each show is an opportunity to
make something new and possibly blend it with something old refashioned. After
years of concert lighting design and special event design I never thought I would
be back in theatre. But through the luck of circumstances, that is where I have
landed. And as a member of TBT. Lucky me!