Author: Jesse Speed

The Secret Garden program

Maia Johnson (Mary) Maia is an 8th grader at Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden. Maia has been a part of theater since she was 4 with shows at Penobscot Theatre Dramatic Academy, Winterport Open Stage, Bangor Community Theatre, and Penobscot Theatre Main Stage. Her favorites include: Les Miserables (Little Cosette), Charlotte’s Web (Templeton & Fern), Rebecca of Sunnybrook […]

A Christmas Carol Program

 Adapted by Mark Torres, based on the classic story by Charles Dickens Directed by Julie Arnold Lisnet CAST Ben Layman: Scrooge Roland Dube: Narrator, Cratchit, Fezziwig, Gentleman 2 Deanna Rice: Narrator, Gentlewoman, Christmas Present, Caroline Jesse Speed: Narrator, Nephew, Young Scrooge, Husband 1, Peter Cratchet, Tiny Tim, Husband 2, Young Boy  Jen Snow: Narrator, Fan, […]

Ten Bucks Theatre’s cast list for this summer’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

THE MONTAGUES: Romeo: Martin Guarnieri Montague: Dave Barrett Lady Montague: Caitlin Hession Mercutio: Natalie Lisnet Benvolio: Devin Daigneault Balthasar: Micah Valliere Abraham: Caitlin Hession THE CAPULETS: Juliet: Katie Brayson Capulet: Gibran Vogue Graham Lady Capulet: Jenn Guare Nurse: Deanna Rice Peter: Andrew Barrett Tybalt: Blake Wright Sampson: Andrew Barrett Gregory: Robyn Henry OTHERS: Friar Lawrence: […]