Mark Bilyk in DEATH OF A SALESMAN January 2015
Jordan LaBlond in DRACULA August 2015
Benjamin Layman and Randy Hunt in 3rd Annual 24-HOUR NEW PLAY FESTIVAL September 2014


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Ten Bucks Theater Company will be holding auditions for their production of The Diary of Anne Frank on Saturday and Sunday September 4th and 5th from 1p.m. to 4 p.m. Auditions will be held at the Eddington/Clifton Civic Center. Roles are available for actors ages 15 to 50. The Diary of Anne Frank will be performed Nov. 5th-8th and Nov. 12th to 14th in Eddington. If you can not make the audition dates and still wish to audition, please contact director Ben Layman at to set up an alternate date.

Available roles:

Anne Frank (age 13-15) The narrator and protagonist.

Margot Frank (age 17-20) Anne’s older sister

Otto Frank (age 40-50) Anne’s father

Edith Frank (age 40-59) Anne’s mother

Miep Giles (age 30-35) a secretary in Ottos office who helps to hide the Frank family. She is responsible for recovering Anne’s diary after the Franks are captured by the Nazis.

Mr. Van Daan (age 35-50) The father of the family who hides in the attic with the Frank family. He has a tumultuous relationship with his wife and son.

Mrs. Van Daan (age 35-50) The mother of the family who hides with the Franks. She begins as a friend and confidant to Anne, but reveals herself to be an instigator among those in the attic.

Peter Van Daan (age 15-20) The teenage son of the Van Daans. Peter becomes a close friend of Anne. Things between them begin to turn romantic as their time in the attic wears on.

Mr. Kraler (age 35-50) A man who helps the Franks in the annex.

Mr. Dussel (age 40-50) A dentist and friend of the Franks who hides with them in the annex. He is is Anne’s roommate and is given to lectures and questionable hygiene. 

First Man, Second Man, Third Man (Nazi extras)



September 18-19

Ten Bucks Theatre Company is seeking participants for our Fourth Annual 24-Hour New Play Festival. In a period of (roughly) 24 hours (with a night time break to sleep), participants will write, rehearse, and perform a series of original 10-15 minute plays.

Click here to sign up:–lhHMYKD2qg/viewform