Play Festival 2

The 5TH ANNUAL 24- Hour Play Festival

Join us for the 5TH ANNUAL 24- Hour Play Festival!

Registration has closed.

Please join us for the performance on Saturday, October 1st at 7pm! Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 each.

For the FIFTH year in a row, we will be putting together at least 4 brand new plays! If you’ve ever wanted to write, direct, or act in a play, NOW is the time. In a relaxed, fun atmosphere we will join together in groups and create something special. On Friday night, randomly chosen groups with one writer, one director, and several actors will meet each other and get started on their plays. The writer will go home that night, full of ideas, and write a 10- 15 minute play. Saturday, the director and actors will take the playwright’s words and fill out a full performance. That evening all groups will perform for each other and any friends that wish to watch!