Kathryn Ravenscraft

  • Kathryn Ravenscraft is thrilled to have been invited to join TBT in 2018 as a full-fledged member.  Kathryn attended USM as a theater major, but then took a long hiatus from acting due to… well, life.  She rejoined the theatre scene in the Bangor area in 2002 with Winterport Open Stage’s production of Fuddy Meers and has been seen sporadically since then in area productions of Holes, Later Life, Parallel Lives, in staged readings for Northern Writes Play Festival.  She has dipped her toe into the completely alien world of film acting, which is a wonderful, anachronistic challenge. A long-time TBT audience member, she finally joined the cast for their production of Time Stands Still in 2013 playing Sarah Goodman, which remains an all-time favorite role.  She was then cast as Miep Gies in The Diary of Anne Frank in 2016, and drank the kool-aid for the 24-Hour New Play Festival for the first time in 2018. It’s fair to say she won’t miss that event again.
  • When not onstage, Kathryn fills her time with family, cooking, crocheting, beloved pets, and laughing every chance she gets.