Ten Bucks Theatre is happy to announce the cast of this summer’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet


Romeo: Martin Guarnieri

Montague: Dave Barrett

Lady Montague: Caitlin Hession

Mercutio: Natalie Lisnet

Benvolio: Devin Daigneault

Balthasar: Micah Valliere

Abraham: Caitlin Hession


Juliet: Katie Brayson

Capulet: Gibran Vogue Graham

Lady Capulet: Jenn Guare

Nurse: Deanna Rice

Peter: Andrew Barrett

Tybalt: Blake Wright

Sampson: Andrew Barrett

Gregory: Robyn Henry


Friar Lawrence: Ben Layman and Ron Lisnet

Paris: Sage Neptune

Prince Escalus: Ron Lisnet and Ben Layman

Friar John: Joe Fisher

Apothecary: Garrett Fitzgerald

Thanks to all who auditioned and we hope to see you all this summer!

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Ten Bucks Theatre Co., INC. was conceived around a dining room table on a June night in 2000. As friends and colleagues we met to discuss the possibility of charting our own artistic futures, rather than simply sitting by the phone waiting for others to create opportunities for us. What we discovered was that we all had the same idea, to form and run our own theatre company and run it in a way that was satisfying to us as performers. We wanted to create exciting theatrical experiences accessible to our audiences as well as showcase extremely talented local artists.

We are the Bangor area’s only acting ensemble. All voices are equal and each of us contributes to the artistic and business workings of the company. Our jobs include selecting a season, directing, acting, costume design, lighting, set design and publicity. Among our members there is well over 100 years of theatrical experience.

Why Ten Bucks Theatre, Co? Simple! The name reflects the fact that we offer great theatre at a great price.

Our Mission

Ten Bucks Theatre is an ensemble company dedicated to producing consistently high quality, affordable performances, nurturing the creative growth of the artists, and entertaining the widest possible audience.