Ten Bucks Theatre’s cast list for this summer’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Posted on: March 8, 2022, by :


Romeo: Martin Guarnieri

Montague: Dave Barrett

Lady Montague: Caitlin Hession

Mercutio: Natalie Lisnet

Benvolio: Devin Daigneault

Balthasar: Micah Valliere

Abraham: Caitlin Hession


Juliet: Katie Brayson

Capulet: Gibran Vogue Graham

Lady Capulet: Jenn Guare

Nurse: Deanna Rice

Peter: Andrew Barrett

Tybalt: Blake Wright

Sampson: Andrew Barrett

Gregory: Robyn Henry


Friar Lawrence: Ben Layman and Ron Lisnet

Paris: Sage Neptune

Prince Escalus: Ron Lisnet and Ben Layman

Friar John: Joe Fisher

Apothecary: Garrett Fitzgerald

Thanks to all who auditioned and we hope to see you all this summer!