The Secret Garden program

Maia Johnson (Mary)

Maia is an 8th grader at Reeds Brook Middle School in Hampden. Maia has been a part of theater since she was 4 with shows at Penobscot Theatre Dramatic Academy, Winterport Open Stage, Bangor Community Theatre, and Penobscot Theatre Main Stage. Her favorites include: Les Miserables (Little Cosette), Charlotte’s Web (Templeton & Fern), Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Millie) and Elf the Musical (Elf #2). Maia would like to thank Deanna and Ten Bucks Theatre Company for giving her this amazing experience.

Derrick Johnson (Colin)

Derrick is a 5th grader at Weatherbee School in Hampden. Derrick has enjoyed theater since the age of 4. He has been in shows at the University of Maine (Curious Savage) and Penobscot Theatre Dramatic Academy (Squatch, School of Rock, Addams Family, Dear Edwina Jr).  Derrick would like to thank his parents for helping with lines and Deanna and Amy in supporting him in this role. 

Micah Valliere (Dickon)

Rachel Vine (Martha)

Rachel Vine has been acting her whole life, from performing in plays and
humorous skits at church to acting in the local theater group, Bangor Area
Homeschool Players. She has loved being a part of the group since 2016,
with past performances including productions such as A Christmas Carol,
Peter Pan, Secret Garden the Musical, Prodigal, It’s A Wonderful Life, Anne
of Green Gables, Pride and Prejudice, and many more. Rachel comes from
a family of eight kids who all take part in local theater. This is her second
production with Ten Bucks Theater. Rachel is very excited to be involved in
another production as watching their performances of Shakespeare’s plays
has been a fun tradition for her and her family for many years.

Caitlin Hession (Mrs. Medlock)

Caitlin Hession has loved acting since the first time she ever experienced it in first grade. Since then, she has been in as many performances as she could be, growing up with Penobscot Theatre’s Dramatic Academy program and going off to perform in college and beyond. Caitlin is beyond excited to work with Ten Bucks Theatre.

Previously, she has been in Much Ado About Nothing as Borachio, Romeo and Juliet twice as the Nurse and Abraham/Lady Montague, and Shuddersome: Tales of Poe as an ensemble member.

When not acting, Caitlin works as a high school English teacher, spreading her love of Shakespeare to many an unenthusiastic teen. 

Zach Brown (Andrew Craven)

A graduate of the University of Maine Theatre department, this is his first time acting on stage since Ten Bucks production of Hamlet in 2011. Zach is a Registered Maine Guide and likes to write music, and spend time in nature. 

Brent Hutchins (Ben Weatherstaff)

Patty Morris (Dr. Spencer)

Howdy my name is Patty Morris I’m a 3rd year studying history with a concentration in military history at the University of Maine. This is my debut with Ten Bucks Theatre, but not the first time I hopped onto a stage! I’ve performed with the University Maine in their most recent play called Tartuffe by Molière as Valeré, and was in Terra Nova as Edgar Evans

 My next performance will be at the University of Maine in their show “Everybody” which will be shown in the Al Cyrus Pavillion Theater, March 31-April 9!

Lastly I want to give a big thank you to the cast, crew, directors for giving me this opportunity, and a special thanks to my mom, dad, Grandma Jean, Paden and my Girlfriend Nina. Without y’all there is no theater! Hope y’all enjoy the show! 🙂

Sue Amero (Mrs. Appleby)

Sue Amero has been delighted to participant in the Bangor theater scene during the last ten years and counting. She started with Improv classes and performed as a member of several improv groups, performing in the greater Bangor area before branching out through Ten Bucks’ 24-hour New Play Festival where she became enamored with acting and theatre. At the Festival she has worn all of the hats: actor, writer, and director. She has performed in the Bangor community Theater productions I Remember Mama, A Grange Christmas and Love, Loss and What I Wore, and in the Ten Bucks Theater production of A Christmas Carol. As a long-time fan of TBT’s Shakespeare Under the Stars, Sue has attended every year except for their productions of Macbeth and Taming of the Shrew in which she performed. Sue enjoys hiking, kayaking, and lives to read books! Sue lives in Orono where her spouse AJ and cat Raven hold down the fort while she rehearses.

Abigail Shorette (Nurse Grey)

This is Abigail’s first production with Ten Bucks Theatre Company! Her last theatre production was almost 15 years ago where she played Helen in The Children’s Hour with Mad Horse Theatre Company in Portland. Abigail has performed in numerous dance productions over the years, the most recent being The Chinese Soloist in The Nutcracker with Robinson Ballet in 2021. She has also performed with Vivid Motion Dance Company in Portland. Some of her most memorable roles include Fleur De Lys in The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty & The Bride in Broken Bride. Abigail hopes that you enjoys the show!

Deanna Rice (Director)

Deanna Rice has been an actor, stage manager and stage crew, but this is her first time sitting in the Director’s Chair. She has performed in plays and musicals since her early days as nursery rhyme characters in her Kindergarten play. Yes, there are videos. No, you may not see them. In following years she played Duffy in Annie, and was part of the ensemble in Guys and DollsGodspellAnnie Get Your Gun and Oliver!, all while performing with the Presque Isle Community Players. After moving to the Bangor area in 2012, she started doing shows with Ten Bucks as soon as she was able. She has most recently been seen as a reader in A Christmas Carol, various characters in Shuddersome: Tales of Poe, the Nurse in Romeo and Juliet, a reader in Scary Stories, and Audrey in As You Like It, all with TBT.. She currently serves as the Secretary and Member’s Director for Ten Bucks. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Joe Fisher (Assistant Director/Crew)

Joe Fisher returned to community theatre in 2019 after a long hiatus. He is delighted to be part of the Company and board of Ten Bucks Theater. He has performed with Ten Bucks Theater, True North Theater, Winterport Open Stage, Raymond Arts, and the Exeter Players. His credits include Vinnie (The Odd Couple), Old Joe/Fezziwig/Ensemble(A Christmas Carol),Clarence/Archbishop/Norfolk(Richard III), Pinhead Manager/London Policeman/Snork/Lord John (The Elephant Man), Mr. Sir (Holes), and Thomas Mendip (The Lady’s Not for Burning).

Delaney McFadden (Stage Manager)

Delaney McFaden is a Milford-based artist and theatre practitioner originally hailing from Stafford, VA. They have stage managed previously at the University of Maine (Twelfth Night, Man of No Importance, Terra Nova), True North Theatre (Sylvia), and here at Ten Bucks Theatre Company (As You Like It, Romeo & Juliet, Shuddersome). They’d like to thank their partner Addi for keeping the light on for when they come home after late night rehearsals. Enjoy the show!

Director’s Notes

I don’t really mind winter all that much. Well…mostly. I love a gentle, slow snowfall that covers the ground in a soft white blanket on Christmas Eve. I love a relaxing snow day, watching the white flakes swirl around madly from inside my warm house.

By the time February rolls around, however, I’m just about done with it. I’ve had enough of shoveling, of treading carefully over icy walkways, of wind that stings my face, and I’m tired of putting on my puffy winter coat. I dream of birdsong coming from the treetops, green grass, light jackets, and I’m eager to plant flowers around my new house. After several months of cold weather that puts plants, trees, and animals to sleep, I’m eager for everything to wake up.

The Secret Garden is a story about waking up. When Mary arrives in England after being orphaned, she is a spoiled, neglected, sullen creature whose only relationships have been with servants. She’s never had any true friends and doesn’t know what it’s like to have healthy and meaningful relationships. Her cousin, Colin, has spent his life in much the same manner; isolating himself in his bedroom with an imagined sickness due to being neglected by his father. Andrew Craven, consumed by grief over his wife’s death, can’t imagine how to go on without her and how to love the child she gave to him the day she died.

Each of them is asleep in their own way. The garden is dull, drab, grey and depressing after being locked away for so long by a man struggling with his inner pain. When Mary discovers the key and unlocks that door, things begin to change around Misselthwaite Manor. As the garden improves, so do Mary, Colin and Andrew. Mary finds friendship and learns what it means to truly be cared for and to care for others; Colin finds the will and determination to leave his bed and take his first steps in the world, and Andrew comes to accept the tragedy that befell his family, finding that the new energy within his home helps to pull him out of his darkness.

The Secret Garden is a story about life, transformation, and healing. It’s about watching the cold recede from the world and our hearts, to be replaced with warmth, love, friendship and roses. -Deanna Rice

Thank you for coming and enjoy the show!